• Electric Transmission Distribution

    Topographic has long expanded by providing land surveying services for the construction of electric transmission lines over our 55-year company evolution. By 1975, Topographic was taking on the difficult surveying challenges of electric transmission line construction in the dense woods of east Texas and into Louisiana.

    As early as the late 1970’s, Topographic invested in new technology to survey for power line construction. At the time, EDM’s (Electronic Distance Measuring devices) were new and state of the art. They were used to set project control and establish centerline PI’s.We also applied computer technology, digitizers and USGS topographic maps to the problems created by the hills and dense vegetation in East Texas and Louisiana. We then used digitized coordinates from identifiable points on USGS topographic maps along with descriptions of land parcels to piece together data that had never been conjoined. In the late 1970’s, those procedures were cutting edge, yet common procedures of modern surveying.

    Today, the basic requirements of our customers are still very much the same. They still require preliminary surveys to help them determine their route, ownership of the land and placement of power lines. Our crews all use survey-grade GPS receivers, electronic data loggers, data dictionaries, total stations and other advanced equipment to determine locations with extreme precision. for centerline and tower-site construction staking. The end deliverable consists of an array of digital COGO and CAD file formats we employ for expedited delivery.

    Our Electric Transmission and Distribution Competencies and Services

    • ALTA Surveys
    • Bureau of Land Management Surveys (BLM)
    • Construction Route Survey
    • As-Built Surveys
    • Research of Existing Routes for R-O-W Identification
    • GIS Mapping
    • Federal Aviation Administration Permitting
    • Substation Layout

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    Mapping services, including GIS mapping, has been a core Topographic competency for more than 25 years. View our mapping services

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