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    Topographic has been an industry innovator for 60 years. Our expertise in the field of surveying expanded drastically with our concentration on the use and development of Geospatial Information Systems. The result is a level of access and specificity unmatched in the industry.

    Topographic is focused on increasing efficiency and transparency through an innovative GIS software we’ve trademarked LandScape. LandScape provides our customers with Esri ArcGIS power without the tens of thousands of dollars in hardware, software and staffing overhead costs. All that is needed is an internet connection for access to content-rich basemap layers such as landgrid data, street maps, topographic maps, DEMs and aerial photography. LandScape allows for increased project efficiency and organization by hyperlinking files to map features (site photos, plats/pans, deeds, forms, reports, etc.), online data viewing ability, industry standard active and passive security protocols, all available 24/7/365 days a year.

    In the development of LandScape, Topographic reviewed and evaluated both hardware and software requirements to maximize its performance. The analysis, in conjunction with our extensive consultation between internal and external IT specialists, led us to implement the Esri software suite from desktop to server, all of which makes Topographic uniquely qualified to recommend appropriate software upgrades. In addition, Topographic has developed custom viewers, reports and web applications that are mobile-ready and constantly updated to expedite the dissemination of data.

    Topographic has the ability to develop a fully self-hosted deployment utilizing our existing LandScape framework, a complete end-to-end Cloud based system, or a hybridization of the two.

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