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    The leadership team at Topographic brings a wide array of experience in the energy services and surveying and mapping industries. From their many years with the company, to their passion to operationalizing the latest in surveying technology, together, they embody the company values of loyalty, innovation and legacy.

    Our Leadership Team

    • Robert Keating, Chairman of the Board

      Robert began his career in surveying at Laughlin-Simmons in 1975. In 1977 he joined Topographic at the urging of his father and Topographic founder, John Keating, to move the company forward with the adoption of computerization. Beginning with the Wang computer, Robert spearheaded the implementation of Topographic’s accounting system to a computerized platform. Later, he would do the same in the creation of programs to

    incorporate survey functions to the Wang system. The emergence of the personal computer years later would revolutionize the business environment and again, Robert would be at the forefront in implementing new strategies to incorporate field work into the latest technology. The results would include the formation of Topographic Mapping Company where Robert would serve as President. Through this division, Topographic mapped thousands of miles of pipeline for the newly created Texas Excavation Safety System ("Call Before You Dig" Program) and developed land grid products that became the foundation for digital maps still used today. Later, the inclusion of AutoCad, GPS and further technology would find its place to Topographic under Robert’s leadership as President of Topographic, Inc. Today, Robert serves as the Chairman of the Board of Topographic and is the embodiment of one of our most important core values, Innovation. Robert’s vision and passion to deliver the best products and services through the latest technology continues to redefine our value and commitment to our customers.

    • Brian Krafft, CEO

      Brian Krafft is the Chief Executive Officer of Topographic, Inc. Brian previously served as Topographic’s Chief Operating Officer after holding the positions of Director of Pipeline Operations and Project Manager. Since joining the firm in 2007, he has overseen the growth of Topographic’s Pipeline Division, company expansion through the acquisition multiple locations, and most recently, the addition of Engineering to Topographic’s

    portfolio of offerings. Brian's understanding of Topographic's core business and customer relationships help guide the company's daily operations and future needs of our customers. Brian received his MBA from Texas Christian University, holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Oklahoma State University and a post Baccalaureate Certification in Geomatics from Texas A&M, Corpus Christi. Brian is a registered professional land surveyor in Texas with 10 years of experience in boundary, topographic, construction and route surveys.

    • Susan Blueher, President, Oklahoma Division

      Susan joined the firm in 1987 after a successful career with an oilfield servicing company. Using her previous experience, Susan quickly established herself within Topographic and began interfacing with clients on a daily basis. With a focus on customer service, Susan quickly progressed within the organization culminating in her being named President of Topographic Land Surveyors of Oklahoma in 1992. As President, Susan manages all

    facets of the Oklahoma group and plays a leading role in pursuing company growth through her unique vision and unwavering devotion to customer service.

    • Julio Silva, Director of Operations

      Julio joined the firm in 1993 as a draftsman in Topographic’s Midland office. Julio’s structural thinking, analytical assessment and level-headed leadership style propelled him into several increasing roles of responsibility including his current position of Director of Operations. Under Julio’s direction, Topographic opened its largest location in Fort Worth, TX, and consolidated the operational functions of its Pampa, Sequin,

    and El Paso locations. In doing so, Julio has streamlined the daily functions of Topographic resulting in efficiency increases that reduce turnaround time and maximize project results. Julio has 20 years of experience in ALTA/ACSM Surveys; Wells and Units; Route and Survey Power lines; Topographic Surveys; Volume/Quantity Surveys; Drainage and Utility Staking; Coordinated with multiple Cities and Municipalities on pipeline routing and permitting.

    • Sage Earnest, Director of Pipeline Services

      As the Director of Pipeline Operations, Sage is responsible for managing Topographic’s Pipeline division across all business units. Over the last 3 years, Sage has overseen Topographic’s pipeline growth to more than 800 miles surveyed annually. Prior to assuming his duties as the Director of Pipeline Operations, Sage served 5 years as a Project Manager and Lead Project Manager at Topographic. Sage’s project management style is a

    perfect balance of getting the job done in a timely fashion, while maintaining the dignity of the final product. Sage’s leadership style and understanding of customers’ needs, coupled with his experience in the following areas, position him to continue the success of our Pipeline division and the value we bring to our customers. Sage received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oklahoma State University and post Baccalaureate Certification in Geomatics from Texas A&M, Corpus Christi. Sage is a registered professional land surveyor in Texas with 8 years of experience in route design, completing construction permitting requirements for state and local entities, environmental and archeological safeguard practices, boundary surveys for compressor sites, cryogenic plants, and fractionator plants, layout plans of plants, Wells and Units; Route and Survey Power lines; Topographic Surveys; Wells and Units; Route and Survey Power lines; Topographic Surveys.

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